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I’m Kara, and this is my journey into orchestrating a beautiful life, filled with good food, music, art, entertainment, friends and family.  As a life long resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, I grew up surrounded by amazing cuisine, music, art and architecture.  New Orleans cultivates a passion for the decadent as a matter of one’s birthright.  I grew up surrounded by women who made every day magical.  There was always the most incredible food at my great-grand-parent’s home.  Everything was made from scratch.  Homemade peach cobbler that has never been duplicated, bread pudding with the most amazing rum sauce, homemade king’s cakes, pralines and chocolate covered turtles…  My family even made all of our Easter candy.  Instead of gold brick eggs with a few pecan shavings, ours were filled with large chunks of pecan and other nuts.  We had heavenly hash eggs loaded with almonds and beautifully decorated white chocolate bunny rabbits.  Desserts were only the beginning.  Dinner each and every evening was an event.  Monday’s red beans and rice with hot sausage or pane pork chops or a rich ochre gumbo.  And I can’t leave out the seafood every Friday, whether it was during the Lenten season or not. Life was layered with delights for all the senses.  In my family we celebrated every birthday.  There were so many aunts, uncles cousins, great aunts and uncles that practically every weekend there was a party or family gathering, and often, more than one.  My great aunt Velma made the most incredible birthday cakes with your choice of jam separating the layers and the icing flavor of your choice to top it off.  I always wanted strawberry.  It’s my son Zachary’s favorite also.  My aunt Marilyn’s cakes were always white almond and intricately decorated- a spun sugar woven straw basket filled with ample flowers flowing over the sides of the basket, each one painstakingly created,.  My mother’s cornbread and oyster dressings, stuffed mirleton and southern fried chicken are the best I’ve ever eaten, ever!  And with all of that, we looked forward to those special occasion rainy days when dinner was shortening bread with hot coco.

Looking back on my childhood, it took many loving, helping hands to make the magical days that were my everyday.  I want my 8 year old son to experience this. I want you and your family and friends to experience this.  Thus, I bring you helping hands.  It is my mission to offer you the best chefs, recipes and ideas for making everyday extraordinary.  It’s a New Orleans thing.  Laissez Le Bon Temp Roulez because here, connoisseuring is easy.

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