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16 Mar

A Day with the Walking Dead

Season 6 of the Walking Dead has ended.  It’s the show that everyone is talking about, but you’ve never watched a full episode, and now you’re beginning to feel as if you’re missing out.  You can’t just start watching season 7, so what do you do?  There’s only one answer- A Walking Dead marathon.  Ok, this is really a task that will take several dedicated days, and you might as well do it right.  Invite a few people who’ve never watched the show and need to catch up, as well as a few who don’t mind seeing the episodes again.  And what do you pair with a Walking Dead marathon.  The choice is obvious, BARBEQUE!  They’ve been know to have a barbeque or two on the show, but instead of other humans, I suggest you stick to beef, chicken, pork and shrimp.  Oh, and for you herbivores, grilled vegetables and fruit are always a healthy and very tasty choice.  Walking Dead Decor and Walking Dead Drinking Games are a must.  For my taste, I

Kara Johnson
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